Driver Recruitment
Lead Generation

Client: Swift Transportation
Initiative: Lead Gen Advertising Campaign - Driver Recruitment

Swift Transportation selects LACED Agency as their Agency of Record (AOR) to manage their Driver Recruitment Campaigns nationwide. Tasked with the goal of achieving optimal lead generation, data capture, and recruitment of truck drivers for their various fleets throughout the country, LACED Agency’s team got to work targeting (2) two goals;

  1. One being to generate a high volume of qualified leads at a low CPL (Cost Per lead)
  2. Second to improve the quality of leads by identifying leads with a higher probability to close and targeting them.

LACED Agency increased the “quality” of leads by implementing a Lead Optimization Program that identified leads with a higher probability to close and targeted them. Our media team also nurtured great relationships with Media Partners to problem solve, collaborate, and achieve the best results and competitive packages while exploring ongoing innovations for Swift’s Campaigns. The outcome of these strategies was increased lead volume and hire numbers, while reducing the costs around CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPH (Cost per hire) rates. This approach allows LACED Agency to make the current budget work harder and more effectively for Swift with greater results.

*LACED Agency offers many different packages for Paid Media & Advertising as well as Lead Generation & Data Capture Campaigns. We also offer a competitive monthly retainer package for AOR (Agency of Record) Clients. These AOR Packages are ideal for clients who need extended support at a competitive rate each month, over a 12-month+ period of time or more – utilizing all agency department talents. Various Package Deliverables vary depending on a client’s specific needs. Find out how LACED Agency may support your brand or business, when you schedule a free 45-min consultation with our team. Interested? Schedule your appointment now.

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Creative Production

Award-Winning Work

W3 Awards Winner

“Best Integrated Campaign”

Driver Recruitment

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W3 Awards Winner

“Best Marketing Effectiveness”

Driver Recruitment

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W3 Awards Winner

“Best Media & Banner Campaign”

Driver Recruitment

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Davey Awards Winner

“Marketing Effectiveness”

Best Integrated Campaign

Driver Recruitment

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Davey Awards Winner

“Marketing Effectiveness”

Online Marketing

Driver Recruitment

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Swift Transportation Lead Generation

Driving Qualified Leads Into the Recruitment Funnel

Creative Production

  • Campaign Ideation & Strategy
  • Marketing Message
  • Design & Development
  • Landing Pages w/ Data Capture
  • Ran (4) Four Campaigns, refreshing creative every 6 months resulting in increased CTRs on all media campaigns

Advertising Tactics

  • Digital Display Ads
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Job Board Ads
  • Search Marketing (PPC)
  • Experimental Ads

Media Management

  • Media Buying & Negotiation
  • Campaign Management & Tracking
  • Media Reporting & Analytics
  • Media Analysis
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Call-2-Action & Data Capture
  • Sponsored Posts & Display Ads
  • 1450%
    *Targeting Leads Nationwide
    Increase in Lead Volume
  • 1147%
    *Targeting Leads Nationwide
    Increase in Hires
  • Targeting Local Markets
  • Call-2-Action & Data Capture
  • - 67.8%
    *Targeting Leads Nationwide
    Reduced Cost Per Hire
  • -187%
    *Targeting Leads Nationwide
    Reduced Cost Per Lead
  • Recruiting Drivers
  • Pay Per Click
  • Lead Volume
    *YOY = Year over Year
    Exceeded YOY goals consecutively every month during a 24-month period
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How We Can Work Together.

After nearly twenty years, we understand each client has a truly unique set of needs and goals. That’s why we offer several ways that your team can flexibly work with ours! Interested? Contact our team to learn more.
  • Long-Term

Working as your strategic digital partner in an (AOR) Agency of Record relationship driving your business bottom line.

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Engaged for a brand launch and/or campaign.

  • Quick

Contracted for extended digital support on a key project initiative.