Video Marketing for
Product Launch

Client: Navman Wireless
Initiative: Product Launch Video

Navman Wireless tasked LACED Agency with simplifying their marketing message for a new product launch, the Qtanium 300 – an IP-67 rated, heavy-duty tracking device targeting the construction industry. LACED Agency implemented a video solution that utilized a variety of visual design tactics while clearly communicating what the new product was, what it did, and how it worked – allowing audiences to get excited and feel compelled to buy. With an Edutainment Approach in mind (both educational and entertaining), the LACED Agency team strategized the video marketing rollout & game-plan, delivered the creative concept & design, wrote the script & storyboard, managed the on-location shoot as well as all post-production services in-house that were needed to successfully complete the initiative. LACED Agency team implemented a modular approach in executing the product video – one that allowed for commercial play, social media play, and long-form play at tradeshows/events. In this way, Navman paid for (1) One Product Video yet received multi-video evergreen assets that could be used across multi-marketing platforms and channels – receiving more value for their marketing investment with LACED Agency. 
*LACED Agency offers many different packages for Video Creation as well as Video Marketing Campaigns. We also offer a competitive monthly retainer package for AOR (Agency of Record) Clients. These AOR Packages are ideal for clients who need extended support at a competitive rate each month, over a 12-month+ period of time or more – utilizing all agency department talents. Various Package Deliverables vary depending on a client’s specific needs. Find out how LACED Agency may support your brand or business, when you schedule a free 45-min consultation with our team. Interested?
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Navman Wireless Product Launch video

Scaling a Brand’s Reach Quickly


  • Concept & Ideation
  • Marketing Message
  • Determining Modular Video Structure
  • Determining Distribution of Video - online & offline channels

Creative Production

  • Scriptwriting
  • Set Design & Brand Look/Feel
  • Storyboard Design
  • 3D Product Modeling

Video Services

  • Video Product Shoot
  • VO - Voiceover
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • SoundFX
  • Sound Design
  • Video Optimization

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