Product Launch:
10:1 CBD/THC Tincture

Client: The Root of It All™ "EASE for stress relief"
Initiative: Go-2-Market Strategy

In an effort to expand their product line of tinctures into the CBD world of wellness, The Root of It All™ developed “EASE for stress relief.” EASE is an essential oil made with a 10:1 ratio of 500 mg CBD / 50 mg THC to calm restlessness and promote comfort. LACED Agency successfully launched “EASE for stress relief” to market within 30 days using a strategic, scalable agency solution that complimented current brand marcom, while also highlighting the new SKU to stand apart from other CBD-heavy competitors in the CA & CO markets. Delivering brand awareness, brand education, and driving customer acquisitions within key metro areas, the LACED Agency product launch consisted of a myriad of both B2B and B2C marketing deliverables, strategies, and focused tactics; all working together as part of a larger Go-2-Market Strategy for EASE. These marketing tactics educated and entertained consumers, budtenders, retailers, and sales teams introducing them to EASE while simultaneously driving consumer interest & foot traffic into legal-state retail locations where point-of-purchases happened, as well as further education and relationship-building with local Budtenders.
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B2B: Business to Business

B2C: Business to Consumer



Go-2-Market Strategy
Marketing Campaign
Creative Production
Social Media
Video Services

EASE 10:1 for stress relief
Product Launch

LACED Agency Go-2-Market Strategy

Product Positioning

  • Research & Discovery
  • Go-2-Market Strategy
  • Regulatory Cannabis Compliant Marketing Message & Visuals
  • 3D CGI Product Modeling

B2C: Business To Consumer

  • Website Updates: Adding EASE
  • EASE Landing Page with Data Capture
  • EASE Product Video
  • EASE Email Marketing
  • EASE Social Media

B2B: Business To Business

  • EASE Sales Marcom: Flyers
  • EASE Sales Marcom: Digital Sales Sheets
  • EASE Sales Marcom: Budtender Training Manuals (CA & CO versions)
  • Digital Brand Guidelines - Product Add-On

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