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The Challenge

Rexroth came to LACED agency to create a digital catalog that would combine 8 different print catalogs’ products. Rexroth knew they needed a digital solution that would not only lower the hard costs of print catalogs, but also provide a tool for their sales teams, and a more engaging product experience for customers.

The Solution

LACED was definitely up to the challenge. The methodology behind the iPAD app is X, Y, Z — or 3Dimensial axis thinking. Using a 3D visual approach, LACED created an opening sequence video, to introduce users to the functionality of the iPAD app in an entertaining way. We used motion design, and morphed the final sequence into the visual navigation of the iPAD app. Staying within the strict brand guidelines and maintaining brand consistency with Rexroth’s pre-existing marcom, LACED organized over 3000 products into an easy-to-use iPAD app, that was rolled out live by the end of January 2012.

"Everyone who has seen the app so far is truly impressed by the functional quality and flawless design."
— Almir Tucek

The Results


DremelDepot: Facebook-esque Application connecting the world’s most talented & novice DIYers.

Victory Athletic: Harnessing the Power of Data to Drive e-commerce traffic & sales.

Williams Products: Corporate Video highlights loyalty, quality HVAC/R product line, & brand legacy.

Bosch Rexroth: Digital Product Catalog for a Global Sales Force, Sleek & Feature-Rich iPad Application.

NAVMAN Wireless: Delivering a Digital Video Spot that sings new product sales.

Jamba Juice: Media Campaigns & Data-Driven Direct Response, driving customers into stores nationwide.