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After a successful digital brand launch, WillPower was seeing great traction among consumers and positive responses. WillPower wanted to capitalize on the positive brand movement by amplyifying efforts. They knew they would need some sort of paid media spend to do so.


As Hemp CBD products were still technically a "grey area" when it came to their federally legal status, the LACED Agency knew the media buy would need to not only accomplish the media goals but also take into consideration the intricacies of being regulatory compliant and mitigating risk to WillPower's brand reputation or ability to do business online. LACED Agency developed a media strategy that was respectful, law-abiding, and designed to target key areas that WillPower was looking to reach; implementing a targeted Media Buy that utilized both print and digital ads. The media buy focused on the promotion of WillPower's whey protein-hemp CBD powder, ReGenPCR, and then later shifted gears to focus on the lifestyle merch for the overall WillPower brand in California markets.


"LACED Agency's media team were instrumental in negotiating better rates for our buys and stretching our budget much further than we thought possible. They drove traffic to our online store, amplified our company's visibility during key events in local areas, and their creative was awesome! And to top it off, they made sure to design creative that we could use again on future campaigns which really helped maxmize our efforts as an emerging brand. Thanks LACED Agency!"
~ WILLPOWER Brand Team