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WillPower had many prospective partner interests pouring in. They needed the ability to move a partner from interest to commitment, and fast. They needed sales marcom that highlighted their unique offering and inspiring brand story.


LACED Agency created high-quality Sales Marcom to help secure these new partnerships; a branded Sales Presentation and a Product Sales Sheet. The WillPower Sales Presentation was designed to highlight the organization, the team and mission, and the line of products in a professional manner; demonstrating the most relevant options that provide value and address the partners’s requirements, needs, wants, and/or desires. It was created to inform, educate, inspire and motivate the partner to take action. Meanwhile, the WillPower Product Sales Sheet was designed as a leave-behind marcom piece; highlighting key product selling points for WillPower's first hemp CBD product, ReGen(PCR).


LACED Agency delivered regulatory compliant sales marcom that was polished, classy, entertaining, and educational for the WillPower Brand and organization.

  1. Secured 1st Distribution Partner shortly after sales marcom rollout.
  2. Secured both retail and investor interest in the brand due to professional quality of presentation.