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UBM needed a lean, professional camera crew to capture "The Licensing Expo 2018" delivering high-resolution, digital video footage. The footage would need to be beautiful shots focusing on highlighting the key areas of the show. The footage would need to be cleanly shot so that it could later be used for various marcom needs; from digital video spots to high-resolution marcom videos for various international shows in UBM's suite of brands. The challenge of course was finding a camera team who could achieve these types of high-quality video shots "on the fly" with no second take.


Over a 2-day video shoot; using a streamlined camera crew, flexible equipment allowing for faster mobility, and a lot of creativity - the LACED Agency video team was able to deliver beautiful shots of the show. From booth shots, to product shots, interviews, and coverage of live events as they happened - LACED Agency's video team captured them all in high quality footage with stunning angles.


LACED delivered hours of high-quality video footage to UBM on time, on-budget, and above expectations. And not only did the LACED Agency video team capture the shots needed, but we took it the next level. LACED was able to simulate "drone footage" of the show - achieving semi-aerial footage of booths and aisle activity without breaking any show regulations - by using clever camera equipment and a lot of innovation! This type of video footage gave audiences a new look at UBM's Licensing Expo, adding depth to marcom videos, and delivering UBM video footage never before achieved due to past tradeshow restrictions.