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In the 30 days leading up to The Licensing Expo 2018, the UBM team wanted to drive engagements from planned attendees, exhibitors, and last-minute attendees to their show's social media content. They were putting out great content that would be useful for everyone at the show, but audiences were not engaging as much as they would have liked. They needed a fresh idea!


LACED Agency suggested creating "Countdown Graphics - 30 days worth" that would include a highlight series balancing a spotlight on exhibitors, retailer partners, and new brands on the rise. LACED Agency's design team got to work highlighting a variety of leading & emerging brands in each vertical for the show over a period of 30 days in designs we refer to as "Countdown Creative" social posts.


By making each design personal for those brands attending the show, the "Countdown Creative" drove higher engagements on all of The Licensing Expo's social channels for the 30 days leading up to the show's kick-off. The "Countdown Creative" initiative was wildy popular online because it expanded the Licensing Expo story to be inclusive of all brands, organizations, and companies attending - it was fun, it was cool, it was something everyone looked forward to each day, and it was engaging and got results! LACED Agency even made a digital video spot using the "Countdown Creative" to maximize impact online.