Victory Custom Athletic


Traditionally a slow month after the holidays, Victory planned to boost their January with a Promotional Campaign focused on their new line of Baseball Batting Gloves.  The target audience for this campaign was adult baseball leagues, high-school & college baseball players, boys youth baseball, girls youth softball, high-school & college softball, past Victory customers, new Victory customers.

Strategy & Agency Process

Named “The Glove Love Campaign” LACED Agency was focused on increasing Victory brand awareness and driving traffic to Victory’s e-commerce site during a focused 1 week promotion during January, a traditonally challenging month for sales after the holidays. The Campaign included; 1) One Email Blast to (2) Two Segmented Email Lists, and an Instagram Contest.

LACED continued efforts to clean Victory’s customer data before launching the Email Campaigns. This included LACED Agency removing all unsubscribes, bounces, and spam emails – as well as cross-checking against REMOVE Lists. Additionally, we added new “opt-in” emails from newsletter website signups, and in-store visits from the successful holiday run this past November and December. All lists were cleaned and then programmatically double-checked for optimal quality assurance through software. Finalizing our two lists, we named them List A and List B. List A was composed of Victory’s most recent opt-ins, and active customers from 2012, 2013, 2014. List B was a combined list of all past customers as well as inactive customers dating back as far as 1990.
LACED Agency planned on continuing to do A & B Testing on both lists separately in order to identify customers whom were true enthusiasts, those that were active customers, those that were passive customers, and those that were inactive. Additionally, LACED Agency segmented customers by building behavioral buckets of data with each campaign, to better personalize future email marketing & automation, marketing to each customer’s specific needs, interests, clicks and purchases to add more value and a better experience with Victory’s brand.


Using Victory batting gloves as our main creative element, LACED came up with the idea for GLOVE “LOVE”. The concept was to take Victory batting gloves and make them the visual focus for the overall campaign, pointing out the specs that make them competitive in the market. The campaign consisted of timely eMail Marketing, as well as a Instagram Social Media contest.

Leveraging @victorygear on Instagram, LACED ran a Social Media Contest, where Instagram followers had a chance to win a pair of Victory batting gloves & a #FEELVICTORY T-shirt. Sticking with the GLOVE "LOVE" campaign theme, LACED designed each letter of the word GLOVE with Victory batting gloves. Victory Instagram followers had a chance to win by reposting each letter to reveal a sercret word over a 5 day period.

@victorygear will be spelling out a 5 letter secret word this week. We're giving away a pair of Victory #BattingGloves and a #FEELVICTORY T-shirt.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is:
1) Follow @victorygear
2) Repost each letter daily to spell out the 5 letter secret word.
3) tag each repost with @victorygear and #FEELVICTORY

Reposting the secret word enters you for a chance to win.
Winner will be randomly selected next Wednesday 2/4/15 at 4PM, EST.