LACED Drives Your Recruitment.
Bottom line.

Ready for a BETTER QUALITY LEAD that converts quickly? Well, that’s exactly what you can expect when you partner with LACED Agency for Driver Recruitment & Media Services. Delivering a full suite of Strategic AOR Solutions your team can expect better quality leads at a lower CPL (Cost Per Lead), a high volume of leads in targeted areas you need now, better conversions at a lower CPH (Cost Per Hire) which means savings to your bottom line, and superior reporting that’s easy to understand, visual, fast, and clearly demonstrates incremental improvements that you can see with data. Better Driver Recruitment & Retention is here.
Are you ready for BETTER? We are.

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Media Mgmt.

Expect our best team, working collaboratively with top media partners in a focused, strategic, data-driven, and accountable manner to allow your media and your budget to start working better for you.
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Creative that works, understands the pulse of your drivers. Expect a flow of fresh ideas, visual design that entices, and a message that resonates on every platform, every channel, every time.
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Technology is the cornerstone of a successful digital media campaign. Our team of engineers build solid foundations and framework to support your media campaigns scale and scope – whatever the size.
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Data Analysis

Without resources to accurately decipher data; Data-driven programs fall flat. Our agency analysts can help you make sense of your data with real-time insights, strategic direction & recommendations.
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Planning & Strategy

“If you’re failing to plan,
you’re planning to fail.”

It’s easy to come up with new ideas in the planning phase; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, and will soon be out of date. After all, planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. Our team of strategists believe a good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and the best way to get there.
If you need high lead volume every month, we will get you there without sacrificing the quality of those leads – ensuring they convert and stay. If you need a low CPH (Cost Per Hire) every quarter but also a high volume of daily, targeted, regional leads in key areas with a low CPL (Cost Per Lead) each month, each quarter, and long-term improved retention numbers – we can get you there too. And that’s the real balancing act; ensuring the short-term strategy and planning works for each quarter while simultaneously moving the team forward in a direction that meets the long-tail goals for the organization annually. In this area, our agency team excels.
Media Buying

Be Where Your Audience Is,
When They Are Ready To Act.

Our team will bring you into the exciting world of the media buying process, educating you on what’s new and cool in the market, collaborating with you on what’s best to achieve your goals, and recommending the most savvy ways to get cost-effective results, fast. From the latest in programmatic media buying to advanced targeting, to hybrid search and recruitment technologies with real-time media delivery – our media team stays on top of the latest. You can expect added value with every media buy.
LACED Agency’s media team methodology entitled “Incremental Improvements Approach” – is not only data-driven, cost effective, and strategic – it also ensures transparency in planning, buying, and measurement every step of the way. You will know how your investments are being spent, if the purchase has real value and why/why not, the probability for success and expected timeframe for results – delivering media buying that is not only more effective but more efficient.
Media Relationships

It’s all about trust.

Today’s media landscape requires media partners who are not only trust-worthy but accessible, fair, transparent, fast on their feet, responsive, and open to new ideas and fast turn-arounds. We have been building strong media relationships for years, and our media partners are some of the best in the business! We pull everyone together as a team to get invested in your campaign – encouraging the best performance possible each month. Regular communication and scheduled meetings ensure goals are met, hurdles are addressed and cleared, reports reviewed and analyzed, ideas exchanged, and every new pitch is heard. With competitive buying power, our media relationships ensure your advertising is displayed in a positive, consistent, and credible manner – one that gets results. Still not convinced? See what our media partners have to say about us…

“Quotes” from LACED Media Partners
Media Reporting

What’s Reporting Without Analysis?

Data-driven programs are just data if you don’t have the time, team, or resources in place to accurately decipher the data. Reporting is great too – but to determine what to do next you need real insights that only come from pro-level analysis of your data. That’s where we come in.
Throw those spreadsheets away! Our media reporting is not only data-driven, timely, robust, visual, and easy to understand – but we have agency analysts ready to help you make sense of it. We schedule regular meetings to review what’s working and what’s not, decipher the data, determine strategic direction, discuss collaboratively with you, and then provide real-time recommendations for achieving incremental improvements.

Creative Services

Visuals that Resonate & Deliver Results.

Display Banners

Beautifully Branded, Visually Engaging, Seamless ATS Integration, Advanced Tracking, High CTR’s.

Landing Pages

Responsive & Dynamic, Beautifully Branded, Visually Engaging, Seamless ATS Integration, Click To Call, Scalability for large volume goals & new campaigns in a matter of hours vs. weeks.


Targeted HTML Email Blasts are one of many key tactics in a large-scale, complex media campaign. Responsive-Designed, Beautifully Branded, Visually Engaging, Seamless ATS Integration, Advanced Tracking, High CTR’s.


From Click to Call features, to quick form features – expect LACED Agency to deliver a “mobile first” strategy on all creative reaching the fastest growing audience of job seekers.


Strategic internal agency processes ensure your campaign copy is always fresh, in line with contextual and voice search trends, is delivered and resonates with your key targets.

Digital Video

Engaging, Innovative, Inspiring – our award-wining video team delivers short form spots that drive results.


One size does not fit all. LACED approaches each XML feed individually to ensure the highest performance for your recruitment needs, taking into account each media platforms intricacies and utilizing them to drive higher CTRs for each campaign.


When properly executed, offline channels can still deliver.

Technical Services

Seamless Integration, Support, & Security.

  • Scalability
  • System Framework
  • Software Automation
  • Server Maintenance
  • Seamless ATS Integration
  • Programming
  • Development
  • Coding

Experience Better!

We’re passionate about what we do &
we’d love to work with you!
Hire LACED Agency and experience better…

  • Lower CPL (Cost Per Lead)
    on your media buys
  • Lower CPH (Cost Per Hire)
    on your recruitment advertising
  • Increased Retention
    great hires, making YOU their permanent home
  • Easy Agency Transition
    expect a transparent agency process that allows you to decide how hands on/hands off you want to be
  • Competitive Pricing / Value
    get more from your budget!
  • A Passionate Team
    bringing fresh ideas and industry relevant media news to you every quarter allowing you and your team to stay ahead of the competition
  • Visual Design & Messaging
    that resonates & builds your brand
  • Seamless ATS Integration for Trucking Clients
    our technical team has you covered from A to Z
  • Peace of Mind
    knowing you have a strategic partner in your corner

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